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Preparing Dough

Shabbat Dinners

Join us for services and Shabbat dinners, each Friday night at 7 pm! Enjoy a 4-course meal, meet new and old friends, and join our lively discussions! 

Stay tuned for our monthly themed Shabbats, where the students are in charge (Shabbat in Hawaii, Shabbat in Israel, Super-Bowl Shabbat etc.) Shabbat dinners are held once a month on campus, and the other weeks at Chabad.

To participate and be on a Shabbat committee, just contact us!





Challah Baking Club

Once a month, bake your own Challa and share a loaf of love with another!

A great opportunity to express your creativity, have fun, and do a Mitzvah - a good deed, all at the same time.  

Whether you are an old pro or a Challah novice, come join us at our monthly club to learn a new recipe and braiding techniques.   

"Loaves of Love"  is a kindness project where we gather, braid and bake Challah and then distribute them, bringing some love to other people's lives. Bring the warmth of Shabbat and the taste of freshly baked Challah to someone in need. Share some love with a loaf of love. Besides baking for others, you get to take home your own Challah, too.



There is nothing like celebrating the Holidays at home; or at least at your home away from home.

Chabad provides services, gourmet holiday meals, Passover Seders, parties, classes and many more Holiday events.

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